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Based on the MLS statistics, Toronto real estate market is possessed of a noticeable upward trend currently. Brand new houses, also, are experiencing a hot seller’s market nowadays. This reveals that, always there are numerous potential buyers exploring their congenial neighbourhood to find their desirable brand new house.

Hence your old house can be your great opportunity! By reconstructing your aged house, the resale value of your property will be boosted for hundreds of thousand dollars! Whether sell it taking advantage of the present seller’s market or move in again and enjoy your luxury new house.


HASS HOMES, considering its background and through the experienced experts, can serve you as a project manager, from the first step of the project to the last one, to make you a brand new house at your view of quality with the most reasonable cost.

In addition, once your new lovely home is ready, you can experience a real peace of mind with a two-year building warranty proudly provided by our company. In terms of financial affairs, solutions are presented by our affiliates.

We believe that our vocation is to provide you a house feeling like a home, accurately, fast and with the minimum costs.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for free detailed consultations.