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HASS HOMES is a Realestate Agency focused on Client satisfaction since 2016.

I have worked on number of Residential cases as well as Commercials. My services include but not limited to:

  • Coordinate and Supervise the Design, Obtain Site Approval and all necessary Permits as well as Coordinate and Supervise the Construction of the Project from start to finish to best interest of the Owner.
  • Coordinate in putting a Design Team together for the design of the Project.
  • Liaise and coordinate with all the authorities having jurisdiction, all utility companies and departments to enable the owner to obtain all necessary licenses and approvals for the Project.
  • Assist the Owner in preparing the Budget for the Project: final approval and changes thereto, as same may be from time to time, to be responsibility of the Owner.
  • Provide the Owner with Project Schedule for Owner’s approval. However, Project Schedules are subject to change and revisions due to unforeseen circumstances and uncontrollable factors such as strikes, site conditions, and etc.
  • Provide the Owner with a monthly progress report clearly explaining the status of the project.
  • Arrange for insuring the Project in the Owner’s name against usual perils and public liability.
  • Prepare all necessary Contract Agreements between the Owner and the Contractors to the interest of the Owner.
  • Prepare all necessary contract Agreements between the Owner and the Contractors to the interest of the Owner.
  • Coordinate all necessary inspections.
  • Review, comment and coordinate all necessary shop drawings in addition to the comments form the designers.
  • Coordinate and submit to the Owner a complete set of as-built drawings for his record.
  • Provide financial administration of cash flow and holdback in accordance with the Budget and Cash Flow Management mad set forth in Article-A5 of the Contract Document.
  • Coordinate in providing all necessary warranties for material and workmanship as will be set forth in the Specification Documents.
  • Arrange for final inspection of the Project by the authorities having jurisdiction and insurance of the Certificate of Completion/Occupancy/Temporary Occupancy.
  • Provide such services, as may be ancillary and necessary to the above-noted.
  • Provide detailed sketch of millwork, flooring, and other necessary interior aspects.
  • To provide spending schedule according budget projection.
  • To do his best effort to make residential project per projected budget schedule with 5% tolerance

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